Sand Etched Glass


Sandblasting glass creates beautiful frosted and carved designs in glass. Items as small as a pendant and as large as front doors, can be sandblasted. The technique takes practice and the right tools, plus a delicate touch if you're etching glass.


Single Stage (Light Blast)
Single stage sandblasting involves a single pass of the sandblasting gun. This creates a fine mist across the glass or mirror

Multi Stage (Normal Blast)
Multistage involves numerous passes of the sandblasting gun over a particular area. This creates a solid block of sand engraved into the surface

Glass Etching (Deep Blast)
Glass Etching involves holding the sandblasting gun over a particular area for a larger amount of time than that of multi stage sandblasting. This has the affect of the sand being etched deeper into the surface.  When glass etching is combined with a special resin the affect of “Brilliant Cut Glass” can be achieved

Traditionally these affects were completely manual but with the advent of technology in the past 10 years this process has become more automated using high tech and environmentally friendly sand blasting cabinets.


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