Shamrock Lodge Studios have been supplying decorative glass to the north east for over 25 years. As a small start up company they specialised in sand etching products in pubs and restaurants whilst also launching signature ranges such as the Celtic Twilight Series and The Dublin Millennium Series. As tastes changed, so did product range of SLS.

Stained glass products were introduced and proved much sought after. All of the stained glass produced at the Studios is 100% handmade to the highest standards. It is this attention to detail which makes the pieces commissioned from the Studios so unique. However as it takes a large amount of time to create a stained glass panel the cost was seen by some as expensive.

As a result a less expensive option to stained glass was introduced. By combining adhesive lead strips and coloured films the affect of stained glass could be achieved at a fraction of the cost. This now made decorative glass more affordable to the home.

The Studio now supplies many joinery firms with decorative glass panels for internal and external doors whilst still maintaining the core of the business such as sand etching and stained glass. Many commissioned pieces can be seen in high profile locations around Ireland such as the “Gresham Hotel Dublin” and “Doonbeg Hotel and Golf Course”.

The Studios have a strong reputation internationally also. The Studios have supplied many pubs and restaurants in New York and Florida whilst also supplying decorative glass to “The Irish Pub Company”, a company which establishes Irish Pubs throughout the world

So why not contact our design team and let them utilise their experience to provide a custom piece of decorative glass for your home or business.


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